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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Historic Review a Little Easier Now

 If you've seriously considered doing some work on your historic Armory Park home, you probably struggled with the complexity of the mandatory historic review process. Well, the process is still complex, but information is getting a little easier to come by. First, if you go to the City's historic review webpage ( you will find links to most of the information needed to begin your historic review application. The requirements can seem complicated and the process challenging, but at least the basic information can be easily found. 

The biggest challenge is to understand how the two review boards and City staff will apply the various standards. That is the part where I hope to help. This blog and website were developed to help with the application of standards to the infinite variety of proposed projects. The pages in the My Project section are based on past work of the board and my observations over more than five years. While I can't predict exactly what the board will approve in a particular project, I can say what is unlikely to be approved. More importantly, I can suggest what is more likely to be approved. 

This site will evolve over time and is in its early form now. As I get feedback from applicants, board members and City staff, information will be updated or new pages added. Feedback will be essential to make this a more useful tool. Please comment here, use the home page comment form, or email me at 

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