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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Tucson's Living History


There is a wealth of history in the archives of Tucson's two main newspapers. The Citizen is now gone but its archives are kept by the Arizona Daily Star and are available from by subscription. 

A previous post talked about Connie Weinzapfel as a railroad man who lived in Armory Park. This clipping outlines his historic interest and service to historic preservation in Armory Park. 

Unfortunately the clipping couldn't be read by my OCR software so you can try to read the image. zooming and scrolling may be necessary. A click on the image may make it more readable. 

In case you have difficulty reading the article image, here are a few points expressed: 
  • Connie was born in St Mary's Hospital in 1912
  • He spent his entire life living in Armory park in three historic homes. 
  • Armory Park had a shady reputation but he said it was the safest place in town because of extensive police patrols. 
  • Gentrification was an issue then as now but to Connie the important thing was preserving an exceptional Tucson asset.  

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