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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Aerial Photos

There has been some  interest in aerial photos of the neighborhood. Here is a link that was recommended:

For copyright reasons, I can't put those images here but you can take a look. 


This is Armory Park in 2019 from Google Maps. It is essentially what you see today including Armory Park del Sol. 


This 1995 view is from the county's photo database. It is probably the latest photo before APdS was begun. 


The main differences in this 1974 view is that the warehouses along Toole Ave have not yet been  constructed. This is the same year that the Armory Park 74:ff study was conducted, laying the groundwork for our historic district. 


This oblique 1929 photo from 22nd Street looking north not only shows Armory Park, it also shows downtown Tucson in the background before the construction of tall buildings. This comes from a Star collection of 40 old aerial photos you can see here:

Thanks for the comments on the listserv that got me searching for aerial photos. More ideas are welcome. 

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