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Friday, August 27, 2021

Site Ready?

The Historic Armory Park blog and website have been publicized on the Armory Park listserv but has not had the critical test, feedback from users. Since it is a tool to make the historic review process go a little easier for applicants and the board, its value remains untested. Only after an applicant conceives a project, and uses the information here to propose to the board (APHZAB) will the site's value be tested and improved.

If you are thinking of a project, please run your ideas past the information on this site. The effort may result in changes to your thinking that makes the project more likely to be approved. If you don't change anything, you will still be better prepared to persuade the board. The information on this site reflects City directives and the past thinking of the board in applying those directives. Historic preservation is complicated and has a language all its own. You can be prepared to speak the language and show how your project fits national and local guidelines.

At any point in this process, please give me feedback on how the provided information is helpful, or not. Remember, I can't change the process but can provide better help in getting through it. There is a feedback form accessible from the home page or you can email me at

Thanks for helping keep Armory Park's historic character while improving your property.

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